Panexpert has built its reputation for quality over the years. Our employees are our strong point and they prove it every day of the week. Each of our employees receives continuous training that begins when they’re hired and continues throughout their entire career. Panexpert employees make use of state of the art equipment: computerized saws, laser guidance, top-notch assembly system, top-of-the-line software, etc.; in order to offer the best quality products to our customers.

We meticulously choose the lumber mills to ensure the optimal quality of the wood we buy. A verification is made of each truck that delivers a shipment of material to us.

All our homes are built in an controlled environment and in compliance with the highest industry norms, such as the TPIC norms for roof trusses and APA quality control certification for the floor I-beams.

Our obsession for quality continues during the shipment phase with our system that verifies the components and upon delivery with the cautious handling of our products. A unique marking on each part helps you pinpoint each component quickly and facilitates a quality erection job on the work site.