Built according to your plans

Panexpert can help you make your dreams come true by building your structure according to your specifications. If you desire, we can provide you with the technical assistance you need to develop a plan based on a sketch or even just an idea.

Our design team can help you through the process of developing your home.

Prefab wood structural frame

The Panexpert prefab system of components is made in the shop to take advantage of an optimal manufacturing environment. The wall panels, floor sections, interior partitions, as well as the roof trusses are manufactured indoors with great accuracy. A numbering system makes the job of assembling your structural frame a lot easier. A detailed plan enables you to erect your quality home and thus determine the various other phases (electricity, plumbing, etc.) within a relatively short time away from inclement weather.

Pricing system

The flexibility of our pricing system allows you to choose which construction phases that you may want to become more closely involved in.

We can offer you a flat rate for the entire structural frame of your home. This has the advantage of enabling you to know your real costs before even beginning to build your home. The planning of your budget will thus be greatly simplified.

Our prices include:

  • Floor beams
  • Prefab walls panels
  • Roof trusses
  • Construction materials in accordance with your needs
  • Windows and doors
  • Maibec-type, Canexel-type outdoor siding, etc.
  • Other construction phases depending upon your needs